Kick Your Career into High Gear

The savviest Authorpreneurs hire a Personal Author Assistant to handle the extraneous work – so they can have more time to write.

Taking on the roles of CEO, COO, Marketing Director, and Creative Director, they are responsible for all the facets of running a business. Their books are their full-time job and for many, their livelihood. Being an authorpreneur is hard work.

The smart ones, however, know the true value of delegation. There are many tasks required to run a profitable business, and they know that outsourcing these tasks is necessary to have the freedom and creative time to write.

Career authors know the value of an experienced personal assistant who knows how to hit the ground running with anything that’s needed.   

Not only can she handle your basic office duties like blogging, promoting, and research, a well-rounded PA with design skills can help build your author brand with professional-quality covers, interiors, editing, targeted marketing, and the know-how to grow your audience. If she can write fresh, compelling articles for newspapers, websites, and magazines, hire her today!

A career-focused author knows it’s not just about writing books. There are a plethora of other ways to diversify income potential, and your PA can be a great partner.

For instance, she can help you develop and manage your online coaching package and/or webinars. You write or talk about what you already know, she compiles your knowledge into enticingly designed slide decks or courses, and creates lead-gen campaigns to bring in the masses.

Finding that multi-talented PA who understands and shares in your passion can be a very enriching experience—for both of you.

In closing, authorpreneurship isn’t for every writer, but for the few who are driven to turn their passion into a full-fledged career, the rewards can be well worth all the hard work.

Hiring a PA to help ease your workload and guide you through your writing journey can be the most rewarding investment you will make.