The whole process of self-publishing can be confusing and frustrating. Where to go, whom to trust.

Indie Authors…

…need a place where an indie author can easily find what they need to publish a book.

Publishing Professionals…

…need a place where they can shine…. a place to showcase their talent to relevant viewers, away from the saturated, often unscrupulous freelance sites in a pre-screened, niche environment.

Pubbla is an ecosystem of talent, tools, and resources that simplifies self-publishing and promotes beautiful, successful books.

Our founder, Angie Underwood, has edited and designed award-winning books since 1999.

Her business partner, Steve Cunningham, is a successful self-published author and niche publisher.

Together, along with our growing team of professionals and support specialists, we are passionate about publishing, and we strive to create a one-stop platform dedicated to serving our tribe.